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Marcoantonio J Lee


Holistic Broker

BK Lic#3108376

Property Search



I created Sacred Space Realty as a new approach towards real estate by offering services that will allow a person if they so choose to, a way of enhancing their lives beyond just the purchase of a home. 


An opportunity to create a living space that can be a sanctuary, A sacred space holisticaly designed to be the optimal home for you and your family to thrive in. A home Energetically and functionally attuned to your greatest good.


As a holistic realtor I promise to look at you as a person who is unique with unique needs and desires for you and your family. 


I promise to be transparent with you throughout the whole process and hold your hand so that this is as easy and pleasant of an experience for you as possible.


I care about you and not the transaction for I know that this investment is huge and if this is the first time it could otherwise be overwhelming. 


The greatest purpose one may have is to be of Service. 


How may I help you?

Feng Shui To Align the flow of energy in your home towards Love, Prosperity and Health

Herbal and Vegetable Gardens empower you to grow your own Healthy Organic produce in your own back yard

Tower garden allow you to grown your own produce in small spaces like patios or balconies

Convert Your Home To Solar Power to Save on Your Electic Bill and help save Earth's Resources 

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