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In progressive times one may want to explore more economic, energy efficiant and sustainable options toward the fulfillment of creating that special sanctuary

Cabin Fever


Not just good design, smart design – Our efficient interior layouts give you a compact space with big-space comfort and function. Our structures are light-filled, with some featuring high, dramatic ceilings and exposed beams.

Simple and elegant – We are a design and value driven company. We develop our products to be both beautiful and cost-effective.

Complete package – Our building packages contain everything needed to build your Cabin: pre-assembled wall panels, doors, windows, the roof system, siding, trim and the interior parts. Many component parts are pre-assembled. The package is delivered to your site for your builder to assemble.

Value – We manufacture our buildings in a controlled factory environment with the use of specialized jigs. This enables us to work very efficiently reducing our labor costs while still delivering a high quality product. We buy quality building materials in bulk and have next to zero manufacturing waste. The resulting savings we pass on to you.

Smart division of labor – At the heart of our building methodology is the use of efficient factory techniques together with the skills of your local builder. In the factory where efficiencies are high, we manufacture THE WALL SECTIONS, and PRECISION cut ALL NEEDED PARTS. On the site, your builder prepares the foundation, assembles the structure, and installs the services. This division of labor is what makes prefab a smart and affordable solution TO YOUR BUILDING NEEDS.

Building plans – Our buildings come complete with a set of permit-ready plans. If required, they can be stamped and signed by a licensed engineer.

Green build, quality materials – We are eco-considerate when choosing our materials, in our work methods, and when designing to meet specific client needs. We are happy to help strike a perfect balance between green building and budget.

Cabin Fever is a trusted partner with countless satisfied customers across the nation.

Geodesic Domes 


Our eco-living domes provide the perfect blend of comfort and elegance, allowing an intimate connection to nature. Expansive skylight windows reveal magnificent views of outdoor beauty, with a sturdy geodesic design and green technology to help sustain the environment for your leisure.

ECO Homes, Modular Homes, Geodesic Domes

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